Woven Wool Cape

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Product Description
Worsted wool capes at Matthew F. Sheehan's are stylish and practical as this cape will keep you warm and comfortable during outdoor ceremonies. Our worsted wool capes have been distinctively-designed in three-quarter lengths and are an excellent garment for greeting people in addition to being a warm item of clothing to wear during outdoor ministerial events. These capes are tailored in worsted wool and lined with satin. You can get this cape with a black velvet collar that coordinates the cape with your pulpit gown or you can select a worsted wool cape with a plain collar. The woven closure of this cape allows room for movement and the carefully tailored slits on the cape provide an opening for your arm to extend from the cape. Matthew F. Sheehan's has more than 100 years of experience in supplying quality religious attire and articles to churches all across the country.

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