The Visigoth Chalice with Dish Paten

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Boldly designed with plenty of color, the unique Visigoth Chalice by Artistic Silver has a medieval appeal that's perfect for Gothic churches, special services and more. The chalice is adorned with genuine cabochons in various colors that add a luxurious touch that's fit for a king. The piece is extremely colorful, with bright red enamel panels on the cup, node and base. The red enamel panels contrast beautifully against exposed areas of the chalice, which are gold plated and highly polished.

The Visigoth Chalice by Artistic Silver is available in your choice of two finishes. Choose a chalice that is entirely gold plated or opt for a two-tone design with a gold plated exterior and a sterling silver cup. A matching gold plated 6-11/16-inch dish paten is also included for a complete set that can be used at your next communion or special service. The large chalice has a generous 22-ounce capacity and is as functional as it is appealing. This set is made by the skilled craftsmen at Artistic Silver and is imported from Spain by Matthew F. Sheehan.

  • Chalice measures 8 3/8 inches high
  • 22-ounce capacity
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