The Apostles Chalice and Scale Paten

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apostle chalice and paten artistic silver church goods

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The Apostles Chalice and Paten set from Artistic Silver feature rich ornamentation that will add sophistication and meaning to your altar display. The chalice and paten are traditionally used in Mass services, holding the wine and hosts for communion. As the name implies, the pieces are adorned with the likeness of the Twelve Apostles. The apostles appear in the form of engraved medallions, which are evenly spaced on the cup and base of the chalice. A decorative filigree fills in the gaps between medallions, adding texture and detail to the design. The base of the chalice is extra wide for added stability.

The two-piece Apostles Chalice and Scale Paten set is imported from Spain and is sold by Matthew F. Sheehan. The chalice portion of the set holds up to 12 ounces of water or wine and is made with your choice of a sold sterling silver body or sterling silver cup only. The pieces are finished with your choice of 24k gold or polished sterling silver. Please choose your base and finish preferences from the drop-down menu when ordering.

  • Chalice measures 8 1/2" H
  • 12-ounce capacity
  • Paten measures 6 1/4" D
  • Made in Spain
  • F.O.B. factory
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