Stole with Cross and Trinity

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Beautifully raised multicolor Swiss Schiffli embroidery. Lined and interlined

texturized Fortrel Polyester. Each design is available in all liturgical colors: White,

Red, Green, Purple, Blue and Rose. Please specify color when ordering or your

order will be shipped as depicted.

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Product Description
The stole was always white until the sixteenth century when it became customary to match the color to that of the chasuble or dalmatic and embroider a cross on it. It must be worn by bishops, priests and deacons when they administer any sacrament. This striking lined and interlined texturized Fortrel Polyester stole is embroidered with a symbol of the Holy Trinity superimposed on the cross. All liturgical colors are available: white, red, green, purple, blue and rose. Please specify your choice when ordering.

Made in USA.
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