Stole with Chalice Wheat Cross IHS

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Beautifully raised multicolor Swiss Schiffli embroidery. Lined and interlined

texturized Fortrel Polyester. Each design is available in all liturgical colors: White,

Red, Green, Purple, Blue and Rose. Please specify color when ordering or your

order will be shipped as depicted.

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Memorial Label Options

Add a Memorial Label to commemorate a loved one or a Special Occasion. Memorial Label charge: 2 lines for $20.00, additional 3rd line $10.00.

Product Description
The stole must be worn by Bishops, Priests and Deacons when they administer any sacrament or exercise their order during any liturgical function. This attractive stole of lined and interlined texturized Fortrel Polyester is embroidered with the symbols of the cross and IHS (Jesus Saviour of humanity) piercing the Eucharistic wheat and Cup of salvation. Each design is available in all liturgical colors: white, red, green, purple, blue and rose. Please call with instructions to personalize your gift with a memorial label which can be sewn in.

Made in USA.
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