St. Peregrine Medal with Chain

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Sterling Silver St. Peregrine Medal, Patron of cancer

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Sterling Silver Creed St. Peregrine Medal, with 18" chain. Peregrine Laziosi was anti Catholic and involved in politics. He converted after receiving vision from the Blessed Mother. He was told to go to Siena, Italy and join the Servites. He lived and worked in complete solitude and silence as much as possible, but when he spoke , he was known as a fervant preacher.
Peregrine fell victim to spreading cancer in his foot and was scheduled for amputation. Spending the night in prayer, he received a vision of Christ healing him. The next morning the cancer was completely healed. He was canonized a saint by pope Benedict XIII on December 27, 1726. He is known as Patron Saint of cancer victims, AIDS sufferers, open sores and skin disease.
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