St. Korbinian Wood Carve Statue

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pema saint korbinian

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Saint Korbinian (Corbinian) was a Frankish bishop that lived as a hermit near Chartres for 14 years. He taught many students during his hermitage. He had a great devotion to Saint Peter the Apostle, which prompted him to make a pilgrimage to Rome. While there, Pope Gregory II sent him on a mission to Bavaria. he opposed the marriage of the Duke of Gimoald to his brother's widow, which caused him to be exiled. The very rare and hard to find statue of Saint Korbinian is available in a range of sizes. When ordering, please choose either a natural (NO COLOR) finish or a hand painted oil finish.

  • Available in sizes 13 inches to 71 inches

Natural finish as pictured using the crucifix as a sample.

Made to order, please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery. Call to expedite the order.

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