St. Ignatius of Loyola Medal

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Sterling Silver St. Ignatius of Loyola Jesuit Medal

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Patron of the Jesuits, St Ignatius was born Inigo Lopez de Loyola of Spanish nobility. He was left partially crippled while wounded in the army. While recuperating, the only books he had access to were "The Life of Christ" and a collection of the lives of the saints. Upon recovery, he took a vow of chastity and hung up his sword. He lived in a cave from 1522-1523 contemplating. Pilgrimage to Rome led him to the Holyland to convert Muslims.His insight led to forming of the " Constitutions of the Society of Jesus", receiving papal approval in 1541. He traveled and eventually settled in Rome to direct the Jesuits. The Jesuits teach thousands of students every year.
Sterling St Ignatius medal comes with 24" chain and gift box.
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