St. George Medal

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Jeweled Cross St. George Patron Saint, Protector and Namesake Medal, available

in either 12KT. Gold Filled with and without chain or 14KT. Gold in 2 sizes,

medal only.

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Stunning St. George medal available in 12KT Gold Filled with your choice of medal only or medal with 18" chain and 14KT Gold, sold as medal only. 14KT Gold comes in 2 sizes: small -dime size and large -quarter size. Medal with chain comes in elegant green flip-top gift box.

According to the legend, in the small town in Libya called Sylene there was a swamp near that city, and in that swamp a ferocious beast lived. To keep the beast from ravaging the town it had to be fed constantly. After using all their livestock to feed the beast, the townsfolk were the only food source left. The town, in fear of this creature, drew lots for the sacrifice. St. George, a young Cappadocian knight was riding through Libya where he came upon the city just when the king's daughter had drawn the unfortunate lot. After making a deal with the king, that he would slay the dragon in exchange for the entire town's conversion to Christianity. St. George slayed the dragon by lance and the town was baptized. Defying a Roman Emperor who demanded that all Christian clergy make sacrifice to pagan gods, St. George was thrown into a dungeon, tortured and martyred.

St. George
Died: c.304
Feast Day: April 23
Patron Saint of: Boy Scouts, England, soldiers
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