St. Genesius, Sterling Silver Medal

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Jeweled Cross Sterling Silver St. Genesius Patron Saint, Protector and Namesake

Medal, available in 2 sizes with or without chain.

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Magnificent St. Genesius Sterling Silver Medal available in 1 size: small -dime size, the medals come with or without chain. Medal with chain is shipped in deluxe green flip-top gift box.

St. Genesius was the leader of a theatrical group, he was comedian making fun of Christian Baptism and performed in Rome during the 4th Century. During a comedy act one day performed before the Emperor Diocletian, Genesius pretended to receive the Sacrament of Baptism. When the water was poured on him, suddenly he announced himself a Christian. Enraged, Diocletian had him tortured, when Genesius persisted in his faith he was beheaded.

St. Genesius
Died: c.303
Feast Day: August 25
Patron Saint of: actors, epilepsy, printers, secretaries, stenographers, theatrical performers, musicians
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