St Florian Lapel Pin / Tie Tack

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sterling silver st Florian lapel pin, sterling silver st Florian tie tack

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This handsome Sterling Silver St Florian Lapel Pin and Tie Tack will be perfect for the the person who won't wear a medal and chain. Great gift idea. Can also be easily attached to a hat. St. Florian was an officer of the Roman army, who occupied a high administrative post in Austria, and who suffered death for the Faith in the days of Diocletian. His legendary "Acts" state that he gave himself up at Lorch to the soldiers of Aquilinus, the governor, when they were rounding up the Christians, and after making a bold confession, he was twice scourged, half-flayed alive, set on fire, and finally thrown into the river Enns with a stone around his neck. His body,was recovered and buried by a pious woman. St. Florian has been regarded as a patron of firemen. Many miracles of healing are attributed to his intercession and he is invoked as a powerful protector in danger from fire or water.

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