St. Dennis Sterling Silver Medal

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Jeweled Cross St. Dennis Sterling Silver Medal available in 2 sizes and with or

without chain.

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Magnificent St. Dennis sterling silver medal available in 2 sizes: small -dime size and large -quarter size. Both medals come with or without chain, your choice of 18" chain with small medal or 24" chain with large medal. Medal with chain is shipped in deluxe green flip-top gift box.

Saint Dennis was the first Bishop of Paris. He was imprisoned during the persecutions of Emperor Decius and martyred in Montmarte, France. His remains were tossed into the Seine and were pulled from the river by some of his devoted converts. Tradition has it that Dennis was tortured and beheaded and that his headless body carried his severed head away from the execution site. For this reason, Saint Denis is commonly invoked against headaches.
Also known as Denys and Dionysius, Denis

St. Denis
Born: in Italy, date unknown
Died: c.258
Feast Day: October 9
Patron Saint of: against headaches
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