St. Daniel Sterling Silver Medal

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Jeweled Cross St. Daniel Sterling Silver Medal available in 2 sizes and with or

without chain.

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Stunning St. Daniel sterling silver medal available in 2 sizes: Small -dime size and Large -quarter size. Both medals come with or without chain, your choice of 18" chain with small medal or 24" chain with large medal. Medal with chain is shipped in deluxe green flip-top gift box.

According to the biblical interpretation, 'Daniel' in Hebrew means 'the judge is God', or 'the God is my judge'. Daniel was born in Jerusalem in 603 B.C. and was a descendant of David and Solomon, the kings. When Israel was conquered by Nebuchadnezzar, king of Babylonia, in 586 B.C. Daniel was brought to Babylon together with other young men of noble descendance to study with the premier scientists of their era also in the fields of astrology and the art of dream interpretation. It appeared that the most capable of the Jewish youth was Daniel. Besides, he proved himself adamant about religious beliefs.
He even gave up drinking vine and eating meat, having obtained permission to eat only vegetables in order to observe his religious rules. Therefore, Daniel's wisdom is treated in the Bible as God's reward for devotion. For Daniel's wise interpretation of a dream Nebuchadnezzar reveiled to him, the king declared Daniel his closest confidant. In his declining years, Daniel asked the king to let him go into retirement. He moved to Susa (present-day Shush in Iran), where he ultimately died and was buried in the royal burial-vault. It is believed that the spirit of the prophet keeps the town safe from all misfortunes and misery, and that Daniel's remains bring prosperity.

St. Daniel
Born: 603 B.C.
Patron Saint of: prophets
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