St. Benedict Sterling Silver Medal

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Jeweled Cross Sterling Silver St. Benedict Medal available with or without 18"


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Magnificent sterling silver St. Benedict dime size medal, your choice medal only or medal with 18" chain, medal with chain comes in deluxe green flip-top box.

St. Benedict was the twin brother of Saint Scholastica, born of Roman nobility. While studying in Rome he got frustrated with the lack of discipline on the part of the other students and moved to a cave, he stayed there as a hermit for 3 years. St. Benedict founded the founded the monastery in Monte Casino, where he wrote "The Rule of the Benedictine Order" Being despised by fellow monks, it was reported that an attempt was made on his life by poisoning . By blessing the cup, he removed the poison.

St. Benedict
Born: c.480
Died: March 21, 547
Feast Day: July 11
Patron Saint of: kidney disease, poison sufferers, students
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