St. Anthony Sterling Silver Medal

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Jeweled Cross Sterling Silver St. Anthony Medal available in either Small or

Large size, with or without 18" or 24" chain.

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Stunning sterling silver St. Anthony medal, available in Small (dime size) with 18" chain or Large (quarter size) with 24" chain. Your choice of medal only or medal with chain, medals with chain only come in deluxe green flip-top box.

St Anthony, is perhaps one of the most beloved of saints. He came from a wealthy family that wanted him to become a noble man. Instead he chose to become a poor Franciscan priest. A gifted speaker, who could speak in tongues, he traveled the world, spreading the word of God. St Anthony is patron of lost items and is known for the miracles attributed to him.

St. Anthony
Born: 1195
Died: June 13, 1231
Canonized: 1232
Feast Day: June 13
Patron Saint of: lost articles, poor
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