Funeral Palls

During traditional funeral services, a funeral pall is spread over the coffin while the final blessings are administered to the deceased and the funeral service is performed. The white or cream funeral palls are decorated with crosses or other religious symbols that have a special significance. The funeral pall is also referred to as the casket pall, the coffin pall or the mortecloth. The tradition has Biblical roots and is modeled after the cloth that is presumed to have covered Jesus.

Matthew F. Sheehan offers a variety of funeral palls in a range of styles and designs. Most palls have a white background, though colored varieties are also available. Simple coffin palls often have a plain white background with a small cross printed on the center while more intricate funeral pall designs may incorporate textured cloth or printed monotone backgrounds along with ornate trims and intricate embroidered designs. Sets of matching casket palls and clergy apparel are also available.

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