Small Mass & Communion Linens

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Abbey Brand Small Mass and Communion Linens.

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Abbey Brand Small Mass & Communion Linens used during Mass:
Amice - White cloth connected to two long ribbon like attachments by which it is fastened around the shoulder of the priest. Today it is used only if the alb does not cover the priest's ordinary clothing.
Corporal -Used during the celebration of the Eucharist usually a white linen cloth on which the consecrated elements are placed
Purificator- A small cloth of white absorbent linen, folded in three lengthwise, and marked with a Cross in the center

Embroidered red or white cross on Amice, Corporal, Purificator and Pall, please specify when ordering. These elegant and excellent quality altar linens come packaged 3 in a reusable poly bag. Price shown is for 3 pieces. Your choice of material 52% Linen / 48% Cotton (L) or 65% Polyester / 35% Cotton (K) or 100% Pure Linen (P).

Made in USA.
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