Sick Call Mass Set

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Koley's Inc., Sick Call Mass Set

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For priests that take blessings to sick or homebound members of the church, a Sick Call Mass Set is an invaluable tool. The set contains a secondary set of tools for on-the-go use. It includes a hard and durable case that is packed with candle holders, a detachable crucifix, a glass bottle, a stainless steel oil stock, a cotton container and a pyx with a 20-Host capacity. The set includes everything needed or basic services and Rites.

The hard case is designed to protect the kit's components during travel or storage. It has a removable tray and is lined in traditional red fabric. The candles in the kit are white to comply with the traditional colors used during the communion service. The kit's pieces have a polished gold finish and decorative etching.

  • Case dimensions: 8" x 10"
  • Candle holders: 7/8" diameter

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