Scapular Medal 14K Gold

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14k gold scapular medal.

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This great looking 14K Gold Scapular medal has the Sacred Heart of Jesus on one side and Our Lady of Mt Carmel on the reverse. Three sizes available ½", 7/8" and 1" diameter. Combination brushed and polished finish.
In 1910, Pope Saint Pius X introduced a scapular medal which may be substituted in most cases for any of the various scapulars.
"The right side of this medal must show the image of Our Most Holy Redeemer, Jesus Christ, showing His Sacred Heart, and the obverse that of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary. It must be blessed with a separate blessing for each of the scapulars in which the person has been enrolled and for which the wearer wishes it to suffice. Finally, these separate blessings may be given by a single sign of the cross , whether in the act of enrollment or later at the convenience of those enrolled, it matters not how long after the enrollment or in what order they may have taken place; the blessing may be given by a priest other than the one who made the enrollment, as long as he possesses the faculty, ordinary, or delegated, of blessing the different scapulars- the limitations, clauses, and conditions attached to the faculty he uses still holding their force. All things to the contrary, even those calling for special mention, notwithstanding" (Holy Office, Rome, December 16, 1910).
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