Saint John the Baptist 14k Gold Medal

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14k gold st john the baptist medal

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Saint John the Baptist 14k Gold Medal is the size of a nickel. Combination polished and brushed gold finish with the words "St John the Baptist, Pray for Us.

John began his ministry around age 27, wearing a leather belt and a tunic of camel hair, living off locusts and wild honey, and preaching a message of repentance to the people of Jerusalem. He converted many, and prepared the way for the coming of Jesus. Baptized Christ, after which he stepped away and told his disciples to follow Jesus.
He was Imprisoned by King Herod. He died a victim of the vengeance of a jealous woman; he was beheaded, and his head brought to her on a platter.

The name John means gift of God.
His feast day is June 24th.
St John the Baptist is patron saint of Baptism, epilepsy and tailors.
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