Saint Florian 14k Gold Medal

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14k gold st florian medal, 4 sizes

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Product Description
This great 14k Gold Medal of St Florian is available in 4 sizes, from ½" diameter to 1" diameter.
(See options below. St Florian is best known as Patron Saint of Firemen. Beautiful combination polished and brushed finish with "Saint Florian Pray for Us" lettered on medal.

St Florian was a Third century officer in the Roman army. He was an administrator of the town of Noricum, and a closet Christian. Florian was said to have stopped a town from burning by throwing a single bucket of water on the blaze, and thus his association with firefighters and those who protect us from fire, including chimney sweeps. When ordered to execute a group of Christians during the persecutions, he refused and processed his faith.
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