Religious Statue Repair and Refinishing Services

Statues have always played an important role in the landscape of churches, homes and religious institutions. With time, statues will age and lose some of their original luster. Instead of replacing your faded and aged statues, consider repairing or restoring them. You'll save money, time and sentimental value by repairing a broken statue or giving it a fresh finish to restore it to its former glory.

At Matthew F. Sheehan, our expert craftsmen have the tools, knowledge and experience needed to make your old statues look new again. We work on all types of statues, and free estimates are available to give you an idea of the cost and time needed to achieve the best results. Our appraisers are experts at identifying areas that need work and planning the best course of action to restore your piece.

Our Services:

Our statue repair and restoration services are available for indoor or outdoor statues. If your figure is broken or damaged, our team can use a bit of creative skill to craft replacement pieces that perfectly blend with the design and style of your statue. When repairs are finished, it will be difficult to tell that the statue was ever damaged.

Statue modifications are also available. During the repair process, your statue can be altered by adding a base to increase the height, removing a base to decrease the height or changing pieces of the statue for a  customized look. All alterations are done in a way that does not compromise the integrity of the statue.

If your statue has a metal finish, tarnish or oxidization may be your biggest concern. Our refinishing experts can remove tarnish or discolorations in large or small patches without damaging the statue. Even intricate or detailed pieces can be cleaned and polished to their original shine. A special anti-tarnish lacquer can be applied to prevent further tarnish from forming.

Metal statues or metal plated statues are eligible for re-plating. Re-plating is a special process that adds a thin layer of metal to the exterior of the statue. The new layer of metal can be polished, smoothed and perfected. Re-plating helps hide shallow imperfections like scratches or wear marks. Deep pits or corrosion will not be filled during the re-plating process, but they will be more attractive once the new finish is complete. Re-plating can also be done to a portion of a statue instead of the whole piece depending on your budget and the desired results.

For painted figures, paint may be removed or reapplied. Our skilled artisans can meticulously apply fresh paint to your statue with special attention to fine details that need to be recreated. Repainting a statue can make it look new again. Our high-quality paints are vibrant and work particularly well for indoor statues. Unfinished figures can be painted to completely change their look.

We also offer engraving services for statues. During the repair and refinishing process, we make every effort to preserve any engraving present, unless otherwise specified. Engraving may also be added or removed during the process, depending on your specifications. Deep engraving may not be removed completely.

Please note that while most statues look better than new after the restoration process, pieces with heavy pitting or corrosion will still show signs of use, though they will still look beautiful. Removing all signs of heavy pitting or corrosion is not recommended as this can weaken the integrity of the statue.

For metal or plated statues, the final step of the process is to hand buff and polish the piece. This ensures that every statue leaves with a brilliant shine and arrives at your location looking its finest.



The Process:

We strive to make the restoration process as painless as possible. Every restoration project begins with an estimate. Whether your estimate is done in-person or through photographs, we strive to offer the most accurate cost and time breakdown possible. Our expert appraisers can help you decide what to do with your statue to get the best results.

Once you've gotten an appraisal and approved the work, the restoration can begin. Your statue will be shipped to our location using a national carrier or a truck if the piece is particularly large. Specialized shipping containers will help ensure your statue does not get damaged in transit.

When your statue arrives at our location, repairs and refinishing will be done. Our team of skilled craftsmen work together to create a plan for restoring the piece and then executing the plan to achieve the best results.

When all repairs and refinishing efforts are completed, the statue is inspected for quality. Finished products will be shipped back in the same method that they were received. The length of time needed to complete the repairs and restoration varies depending on the size of the statue and the work needed to be done. An estimate of time will be given during the initial consultation.

After all restoration work is finished, your statue will look as good as new. If you are interested in getting a free estimate or more information about statue restoration, please call us at 1-866-674-2500. Please note that free shipping does not apply to this service.