Purple Damascene Shoulder Cape

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Matthew F. Sheehan's carries the distinctive purple Damascene cape which is part of a complete Cassock ensemble exclusively available from Murphy. In addition to being tailored in purple Damascene, this cape is edged with gold metallic piping. The purple empress satin lining adds warmth and substance to the cape. Search for item number H57 at Matthew F. Sheehan's for the coordinating Cassock. When it comes to religious articles, Matthew F. Sheehan's are experts in the industry and we carry the most products with items ranging from bishop's attire to religious jewelry and high-end, framed oil paintings. We also have a very knowledgeable staff available to answer all of your questions. When you call us, you can take comfort knowing that we answer the phones immediately and that you will be speaking to a real, informed person.
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