Purple Damascene Cincture

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For the upmost in style and elegance, choose the purple Damascene band cincture. The detailed purple material matches the Damascene cassock, which is sold separately. The handsome design is tailored specially for men and ships the next business day for quick receipt. The wide sash includes a gold metallic Latin Cross embroidered on the top drop as well as gold metallic bullion fringe. It measures 4 inches wide has a Velcro closure for convenience and minor adjustability.

The cincture is typically worn just above the waist, over the cassock and other garments. The piece is sometimes referred to as a fascia and it is only used by ordained members of the church. The color of the cincture corresponds to the liturgical season.

The sash is available in sizes 34 through 53 to fit most wearers. Dry cleaning is recommended. Consult the sizing guide for details on how to measure. If you need assistance, please call and one of our representatives will be happy to answer questions about the cincture or how to measure for it. Shop for your next cincture with Matthew F. Sheehan to discover why we have been a leading source in religious goods for over 100 years.

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