Processional Solid Brass Banner Stand

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Koley's Inc., Highly polished, solid brass Processional Banner Stand has

telescoping shaft that extends from 51" to 90". Furnished with 36" cross arm,

but double bar cross arm can be purchased for additional cost. Weighted base

measures 12" in diameter.

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Product Description
The Processional Solid Brass Banner Stand features a high polish finish and telescoping shaft. The professional piece is designed to be held and can extend from 51 inches to 90 inches in length. A 36-inch cross arm comes standard, but the processional stand may be upgraded to a double bar cross arm or telescoping cross arm for an additional charge. The stand comes with a removable base that is weighted to hold the stand with a banner when not in use. The beautiful banner stands are simply designed and without finial ornaments to better draw attention to the banners being used. The stand is ideal for churches and other organizations that partake in processions or parades.

  • Telescoping shaft extends from 51 inches to 90 inches
  • 36-inch cross arm
  • Optional telescoping cross arm extends from 24 inches to 45 inches
  • Round 12-inch diameter base
  • Made in the U.S.
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