A vestment is simply an article of clothing worn by a religious leader for a religious purpose. Priest vestments are the components worn by priests. This may include various types of clergy shirts, stoles, copes, capes, cinctures and more, though the pieces worn by individual priests may vary by the ceremony type and by the church. While there are rules that dictate what priests must wear during particular events, there are many different styles of vestments on the market and different churches may subscribe to different styles of dress and different rules for dressing.

When Vestments are Worn

Priest vestments are always worn during church services, though the vestments may vary depending on the type of ceremony. Events like wedding Masses, holiday services and funerals require a different type of dress than a casual service on a warm summer day. The guidelines for the type of vestments that should be worn vary between the different denominations. In some cases, clergy are expected to wear special vestments or clerical clothing at all times, even when not acting in an official capacity on behalf of the church. In other cases, formal vestments are only required on holidays and during certain ceremonies. A clerical collar and clergy shirt make up a casual look for priests while a formal Mass celebration may require several additional components.

Priest vestment are intended to act as an identifier so that the wearer is easily distinguished as a member of the clergy or of a particular religious order. Wearing priest vestments outside of services makes it easy for members of the community to identify a priest and to separate them from other members of the community.

Vestments to Identify Position

Vestments are often used to identify the position of the wearer in the church. Priest vestments may be less ornate than what would be worn by a bishop or cardinal. They may also be a different color than bishop or cardinal garments to signify that the wearer is simply a priest and not a higher-ranking member of the church.

Accessories can also be used to identify the position of the wearer. A bishop’s cross, various types of headwear and colored clothing items can all help identify the position of the wearer in a crowd. For priests, the vestment is often less flashy and simpler than for higher-ranking members.

Colors to Identify Liturgical Seasons

Priests of certain denominations may wear priest vestments in certain liturgical colors to denote the religious season or a special type of service that is taking place. For example, a priest may wear white while performing a wedding Mass or when celebrating Christmas. Green Catholic priest vestments are common for daily use and red vestments are used on Palm Sunday. Red is also the color of cardinals. Priest vestments are available in a range of colors and styles to suit the liturgical season and the event being celebrated.

For general services that don’t fall on a special day, most priests opt for green. Green is the everyday liturgical color and is considered the default choice when there are no holidays or special feast days to observe. Green is not tied to a particular ranking of clergy member, making it a great universal option for all types of church services.

Typical Priest Vestments

While there is some variation from one denomination to another, most priests celebrating Mass will wear a plain white garment called an alb. They will tie it at the waist with a cincture and will wear a stole and chasuble over that. The chasuble can be plain or decorated depending on the type of Mass being celebrated. It can also be colored depending on the type of Mass or the date of the service. For example, on Martyr’s Feast Days the priest will wear red.

Outside of Mass, the priest can wear anything from a long black cassock to dress pants and a clergy shirt. Most Catholic priests also include a clerical collar, which is white and is exposed at the front of the shirt collar. In non-church related situations, a priest may wear regular clothes if allowed to by their denomination, though some prefer to wear a clergy shirt when interacting with the public. The rules for wearing civilian clothing vary from one church to another.

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