Papal Bunting by Slabbinck

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slabbinck papal bunting

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Papal Bunting by Slabbinck is used to mourn a deceased Pope or to signal the election of a new Pope. Buntings are available in black or white and yellow. The color of the bunting correlates to its use with black bunting being reserved for mourning a deceased Pope and white/yellow or white/gold bunting used for signaling the Papal elections. White and yellow buntings are used for elections because they are the colors of the Holy See and the Vatican flag. The generously-sized buntings are made of 100 percent weatherproof polyester and are available in 4 sizes to fit most churches or buildings. Buntings can be hung to accommodate single or double-door entrances. The black bunting is made with a single piece of material while yellow and white buntings are made of 2 pieces of material sewn together.

  • Available in black or yellow and white
  • 4 sizes available
  • Polyester construction
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