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All MDS Mass Linens are created using the finest extra-absorbent materials giving you attractive, high quality linens at exceptional prices. Mass Linens are hem stitched and generously cut. Easy care, durable and machine washable. Minimum order 3 like pieces. They are available in 3 fabrics:
100% Pure Cotton are ultra absorbent. They are made from a thicker, linen weave cotton and are richly embroidered with your choice of a red or white Greek Cross or a White Wheat and Grape Design.
65% Linen / 35% Cotton are the best of both worlds. A fine, linen-rich fabric with a beautifully embroidered Greek Cross with Vines in Red. The feel of linen, the utility of pure cotton and a price so affordable.
100% Pure Cambric Linen possess the ultimate quality and are unbelievably affordable. Cambric linen is finely woven and delicately embroidered with a Red Greek Cross with Vines.

Styles available:
Purificator measures 20" x 11". The purificator is draped accross the chalice. It is used primarily for cleaning the interior of the chalice as well as purifying the priest's hands.
Corporal measures 20" x 20". The Corporal is a square cloth which is spread upon the altar during the Mass to receive the Host and Chalice.
Lavabo Towel measures 20" x 16". The Lavabo Towel is for the washing of the priest's fingers. It is referenced in the 26th Psalm and recited by the priest during the washing: "Lavado inter innocentes manus meas." (I will wash my hands among in innocent).
Pall measures 7" x 7". The Pall is usually stiffened with cardboard and used to cover the Chalice. Use of the Pall began around the year 1200.

Price shown is for 3 pieces.
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