Lavabo Set

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satin gold plate lavabo set

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Lavabo Set has a satin gold plate finish. 9 oz. pitcher measures 4 _" high. Bowl diameter measures 5 7/8".
A lavabo is a device used to provide water. In ecclesiastical usage it is the basin in which the priest washes his hands after preparing the Altar before saying Mass. The room in which it is kept is the lavatory. The word can also refer to a specific ritual in the Mass.

The name Lavabo ("I shall wash") comes from the words of the 26th Psalm, which the celebrant is directed in the Missal to recite during the ceremony; "I will wash my hands in innocency, O Lord, and so will I go to Thine altar." As he says this, he ritually rinses his hands in water, usually assisted by an altar server.
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