Jubilate Chasuble

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kreation kevelaer chasuble

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Celebrate life's blessings in a beautiful Jubilate Chasuble from the Kreation Kevelaer collection. The high-quality chasuble is made of fabric from one of Europe's top ecclesiastical weaving companies. The Jubilate Chasuble is semi-handwoven and consists of 70 percent wool, 30 percent trevia and 5 percent lurex. A hand inlaid gold cross forms the center of the design. The chasuble is Monastic cut and measures 55 inches in length. It is available in purple, green, red and white.

• 55 inches long

• 70 percent wool, 30 percent trevia and 5 percent lurex

• Available in 4 colors

• Matching cope also available
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