Island Wool Cape

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Bishop's attire specifically geared for outdoor religious ceremonies is available at Matthew F. Sheehan's with our large selection of items including the island wool cape. Our island wool capes are manufactured from Tropical Island Wool that is lined with heavy satin that creates a warm but lightweight item of clothing that is perfect for outdoor use. Carefully tailored slits provide an opening for your arms to extend from the cape. These island wool capes are available with gold, red or black lining. In addition to multiple lining colors, these island wool capes are available in two collar styles, plain or velvet. If you need bishop's attire, tabernacles, chalices or high-end framed oil paintings, your best resource is Matthew F. Sheehan's. Our more than 100 years of experience results in our being the go to site for articles geared for churches of all denominations.

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