How to Measure for Men’s Clergy Cassocks, Choir Cassocks, Cassock Albs, Choir Albs and Choir Tunics


Taken with tape well under arms. close but not tight.


Take measurement around neck, but not tightly.

Half Back (D to E)

From central nape down back approximately 6”. then across to shoulder.

Sleeve (D to F)

Half back (D to E) and then continue to 1“ beyond wrist bone (F).


Measurement is taken over shirt and trousers, but not belt.

Nape to Waist (A to B)

Take measurement from base of collar down back to natural waist (in line with hips).

Length (A to C)

Continue from A to B to desired length of cassock, usually 3" from the floor.


This is your height without shoes on.