Fire Enamel Tassilo Chalice and Paten

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fire enamel tassilo chalice

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Enjoy a modern update on a timeless classic by ordering the Fire Enamel tassel Chalice and Paten set from Matthew F. Sheehan. The set is designed by Artistic Silver and is an updated version of the eighth century Tassilo chalice, which was originally commissioned for use during the wedding of the Duke Tassilo of Bavaria to the daughter of the Lombardian King. Like the original, the Fire Enamel Tassilo Chalice is designed with a cup that is larger than the base. This particular feature is unique for early chalices and is one of the most defining features of the set.

The Fire Enamel Tassilo Chalice and Paten are exquisitely detailed with a modern version of the original design, which features the Messiah with the Four Evangelists on the cup along with a Latin inscription on the base that reads, "Per Ipsum, Cum Ipso, In Ipso". This translates to, "For Him, with Him, in Him". The paten is adorned with a similar design to the chalice, but without an inscription. Cloisonné fire enamel, solid sterling silver and 24k gold plating complete the design.

  • Chalice measures 8 inches high
  • Chalice capacity: 20 ounces
  • Paten measures 6 1/2 inches in diameter
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