Custom Gammarelli Fabric Biretta

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Duffy & Quinn Custom Biretta by Gamarelli

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The custom biretta made from Gammarelli fabric is tailored from the finest materials that are imported directly from Italy. The custom biretta is available in your choice of high-quality wool or silk. The pom is available in your choice of 5 colors.

A biretta is a type of traditional headpiece that has 3 ridges or peaks on the upper surface. It is worn by all clergy from grades of cardinal downward. The practice of wearing a biretta became popular among clergy members in the sixteenth century, when lower clergy were afforded the privilege to don the design. The color of the biretta typically signals the station of the wearer, with cardinals getting red birettas and bishops wearing violet.

The Gammarelli custom biretta is available in several sizes ranging from 6 1/2 to 8. The corresponding head circumference is listed next to the size to ensure an accurate fit. When shopping for high-end birettas, it's good to use a source you trust. Matthew F. Sheehan has been in business since 1907 and is a leading supplier of religious goods and apparel.

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