Coronation Tapestry Chasuble

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coronation tapestry vestment

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MDS' Beautiful Coronation Chasuble on lightweight Brent base fabric. Tapestry runs down front and around collar.
Matching Cope and Humeral Veil also available.
The cope (Known in Latin as pluviale 'rain coat' or cappa 'cape') is a liturgical vestment, which may conveniently be described as a very long mantle or cloak, open in front and fastened at the breast with a band or clasp. It may be of any liturgical colour.
The humeral veil is one of the liturgical vestments of the Roman Catholic and Anglican churches. It consists of a piece of cloth about 2.75 m long and 90 cm wide draped over the shoulders and down the front, normally of silk or gold. At the ends there are usually pockets in the back for hands to go into so that the wearer can hold items without touching them with his or her hands.
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