Cope with Cross and Vines by Hayes and Finch

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Product Description
The cope is a type of liturgical vestment that resembles a mantle or cloak in style. It is open in the front and fastens at the breast with a decorative band or clasp. It can appear in any liturgical color including scarlet and purple. The cope may be worn by any clergy member, regardless of their rank as well as by lay ministers. When worn by a bishop, it is usually complimented with a matching bishop's mitre. Some copes may be highly decorated with images of angels or other religious symbols.

The Hayes and Finch cope includes beautiful embroidery on the front ospreys and hood. The front of the piece is decorate with crosses and vines while the back hood has a larger, more decorative cross design. The embroidery is done in a gold thread that matches the golden clip on the front and the gold tassel that completes the hood.

Hayes and Finch copes are available in red, green, violet and cream. The cope measures 58 inches long to fit most wearers and is generously cut to easily flow over any number of undergarments. Order your cope today and take advantage of our low prices and convenient shipping options.

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