Collars and Collar Buttons

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R.J. Toomey CO parson collar, comfort collar and collar buttons

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Clericool collars offer comfort and style at an affordable price. The collars come in several heights and types to meet your needs and budget. Most collars are sold in multi-packs for convenience and value. Choose from Clericool Comfort Collars that are sold by the dozen or opt for a stylish Parson's clergy collar.

Besides collars, we also offer a nice selection of collar buttons that are used to attach your Clericool Collar to the neckband shirt. Depending on your preference, choose from short or long shank collar buttons or a combination of the two styles.
  • Pictured are (from left to right) the all new Parson Collar (#2605), the Single-Ply Comfort Collar (#50) and Clericool #2 Clerical Collar (#54.)
  • #50 Comfort collar sold by dozen only. Available in two heights: #2 (1 1/4") and #3 (1 1/2".) Can be worn with all shirtfronts and collarettes.
  • When ordering #54 Clericool collar, please note that Comfort #3 (1 1/2") is available in sizes 14" -18 ½" only. Comfort#2 (1 1/4") in size 14"- 22". Order 1/2" larger than collar size.
  • Parson collars are very soft and flexible. Hand washable. Long-lasting textured polyethylene with linen look.
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