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This classic-style Artistic Silver-brand chalice is hand-crafted in Spain and features clean lines and a raised red cross on its base. It is exquisitely crafted with a natural obsidian stone node in a hexagonal faceted cut that gleams with natural beauty, adding a touch of finery to this gorgeous piece. Ideal to incorporate into churches with either a modern or a traditional décor, this versatile piece is meant to be enjoyed at the altar and in Holy Communion. This classic chalice measures 8 3/8" high, and a matching dish paten and ciborium is available separately. Matthew F. Sheehan has been the renowned leader in fine church goods since 1907, and we are here to help you with your purchase. For more information about this Artistic Silver chalice or for help ordering, please contact us at 866-674-2500.

  • Measures 8 3/8 inches high
  • Imported from Spain
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