Offering Bags

A church can't keep its doors open without donations from patrons. Make it easy for worshipers to contribute financially to the church of their choice with an offering bag from Matthew F. Sheehan. Offering bags are similar to offering baskets, but are larger and deeper, often with a pole attached for an attendant to use to reach seats located farther away from an aisle. Because of the shape and construction of an offering bag, donations are kept private and individuals are freer to give what they can afford and feel is fair.

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In addition to improved privacy, offering bags also improve the speed of the donation process. Rather than hand passing a basket through the church, an attendant uses an attached pole to guide the bag past worshipers, stopping to gather donations as necessary. The attendant can control the speed in which the bag is passed, expediting the donation process and using less of the valuable worship time for collecting donations.

Matthew F. Sheehan's collection of church offering bags includes a variety of different styles and sizes to choose from. We carry bags with or without handles in a variety of solid colors and printed designs. For larger churches, we also carry large-capacity offering bags with metal-rimmed tops to keep the bag open. These large capacity bags can hold more, reducing the number of offering bags needed during a single service. When not in use, offering bags condense neatly and can be stored until the next service. The premium materials of the bags resist fading and wear beautifully, so your bag will last for years to come. Offering bags are a great investment in your church's future.

Matthew F. Sheehan is your source for premium offering bags. Our large selection includes plain and printed styles with or without handles. Choose the offering bag that's right for your church to give patrons the opportunity to give with grace. Oder now and have your selections delivered right to your church's door.