Chalice with Deep Relief and Scale Paten

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The Chalice with Deep Relief and Scale Paten features a striking Gothic design finished with a fine embossing. The intricate chalice is molded after the great chalices of legend and will make a fantastic addition to your Gothic-inspired church or sanctuary. The chalice features a particularly flat and wide base attached to a tall stem. A hand embossed node between the stem and cup add a touch of style and complete the Gothic design. The chalice is designed to be aesthetically pleasing, yet fully functional. A matching paten is included with the chalice and comes engraved with IHS and a pair of rings.

The chalice measures 9 3/8 inches tall, with a cup diameter of 4 1/16 inches. It has a 14-ounce capacity and is available in all sterling silver or with just a sterling silver cup to conserve resources and keep costs down.

  • Chalice measures 9 3/8 inches high
  • Cup diameter 4 1/16 inches
  • 14-ounce capacity
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