Censer and Boat in High Polish Finish

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Progressive Bronze Censer and Boat, available in High Polish Brass or High

Polish Bronze Finish

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Product Description
Elegant and moderately priced, High Polish Censer and Boat, oven baked for durability.
This magnificent censer and boat comes in Brass or Bronze in High Polish finish , please specify metal when ordering. Censer measures approximately 6 ¼" high and 5 ¼" in diameter.
Censer also called thurible, used in certain ecclesiastical ceremonies or liturgies, is a sacred vessel wherein mixtures of various aromatic incense, are burned over lighted charcoal. The perforated cover allows the incense to exude the aroma of burned incense when swung by the attached chain. Incense boat is used to hold the incense which are transferred to the censer with a spoon.

Made in USA.
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