Budded End Crucifix

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sterling silver, 14k Gold, Vermeil plate crucifix with chain

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Beautiful budded end Crucifix measures approximately 2 inches. Fine beaded details make a straight cross with engravings on the four ends. In Christianity, the three-leafed clover end caps remind believers of the Trinity. Another interpretation is since there are four arms, each with three buds, it is also known as the Apostles Cross, with one bud for each of the twelve budding Christian apostles. The ultimate symbol of faith. Body of Christ is raised from crucifix giving it dimension. As with all Creed jewelry, each crucifix is individually die struck from a solid bar of silver. The Crucifix carries a Creed lifetime guarantee against defects.

Sterling Silver and Vermeil Plate (22k gold over sterling) come with 24" chain. 14k Gold Crucifix only.
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