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The Black Tippet is an affordable way to complete any clergy's outfit. Tippet stoles are almost always black, though custom colors of red or white are also available for a small additional charge. The tippet is considered an accessory item that goes over the surplice, cassock, chimere and rochet. It is long in design and is meant to be worn draped around the back of the neck. Our black tippet is made of tissue faille for a finer quality.

Though the tippet is similar in design to a stole, it is used differently. The tippet is worn over the choir dress and hangs straight down the front. The color of the tippet may signify the position of the wearer, though this is not always the case in modern churches. Some clergy may choose to affix medals to the upper left side of the tippet on special occasions.

The Black Tippet is priced affordably so leaders of all faiths can dress in the style demanded by their office. The lengthy design extends towards the feet of the wearer and the generous width is suitable for clergy members of all sizes.

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