Biretta - Custom Brocade

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A biretta is a traditional part of dress clothing for members of the clergy. It is a square cap with 3 or 4 peaks, sometimes topped with a pom pom or tuft. The number of peaks and inclusion of a tuft varies depending on the religion of the wearer. It is sometimes also worn as part of academic dress by those holding a doctoral degree. Birettas may be worn by all grades of clergy and the color often indicates the position of the wearer. Cardinals traditionally wear red while bishops wear violet. The custom Brocade Biretta from Matthew F. Sheehan takes the traditional headpiece to a whole new level. The design features 4 peaks and a beautiful brocade material rich with detail and dimension.

  • 6 base colors
  • Includes a tassel
  • Available in sizes 6 1/2 to 7 5/8
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