Women’s robes are designed to meet the unique needs of female religious leaders. At Matthew F. Sheehan, we strive to offer everyone in the religious community the clothing and accessories they need to be successful. Our ladies clerical robes are available in a range of styles from simple, black judicial robes to more ornate designs with embroidered details and patterned fabrics. Whether you’re looking for an everyday robe to wear during services or a more special robe to wear while you officiate a wedding or celebrate a holiday, Matthew F. Sheehan has you covered.

Our ladies robes are designed to be comfortable, conservative and easy to wear. They open in the front and most close with a simple zipper. Our ladies robes are designed with the female figure in mind and hang in a way that is both flattering and professional. The loose material is breathable and falls away from the body, making most styles of robe appropriate for the summer or winter months. The conservative designs cover from the shoulder to the wrist and most styles have high necklines for added modesty.

At Matthew F. Sheehan's we carry a wide selection of robes to choose from, so whether you're fulfilling your spiritual duties or dishing out justice, you'll always have the right garment to get the job done. Our women's clerical robes can be used by religious leaders, choir directors, academics, justices of the peace, judicial leaders and more.

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