Reversible stoles offer style, flexibility and value. They are designed with one color or pattern on one side and an alternate color or pattern on the other. They may be worn with either side showing depending on the occasion and needs of the wearer. Come classic combinations include baptisms and wedding stoles or patterned and plain stoles. Like regular stoles, reversible styles are 7 to 9 feet in length and 3 to 4 inches in width. Priests and clergymen wear the stoles around their necks, extending to the front of their bodies. Deacons wear the stoles like a sash, extending over their left shoulders and forming a tie on their right side. Reversible stoles are an easy way for small organizations to save money. The dual-purpose garments are similar in price to single-sided stoles, but offer twice the use possibilities. Typically, each side of the stole is decorated independently with embroidery to suit the purpose of the piece. Matthew F. Sheehan offers a large selection of high-quality stoles to choose from. We have been providing the religious community the finest goods since 1907 and take pride in providing a great selection at affordable prices. Choose your favorite styles today and take comfort in knowing that your new stole has been selected by a group of knowledgeable and caring individuals to ensure your complete satisfaction.