Tab Shirts

Tab shirts are the style that is often pictured as traditional clergy apparel. The shirts have a classic button-down design and are finished with a specialized collar that is lacking a single square where an underlying collar would show through. The white collar is often a bold contrast to the color of the shirt, which creates the easily recognizable style. Our tab style clergy shirts have a host of subtle features that make them a popular choice. The buttons of the shirt are designed to not show for a smooth front. Select shirts are available with front pockets and the tailored nature of the shirts gives them a versatile look that is ideal for any situation. Tab clergy shirts are available in many colors and sizes. The color selection includes popular choices such as black, white and purple. Pick a brand, then pick a color and a size to get the perfect addition to your clergy member clothing. Choose Matthew F. Sheehan for all of your tab clergy shirt purchases. Our selection of high-quality, high-style shirts will reignite your passion to preach. We have been in business since 1907 and understand the unique importance of clothing in religious worship.