Band cinctures are a type of liturgical vestment that is worn around the waist. Cinctures come in various colors and the color often denotes the liturgical season or the position of the person wearing it. The end of the cincture may be cut flat or it may have a frayed or tasseled end. Along with slight differences in the end of the pieces, band cinctures may also vary in decoration. Plain or decorated varieties are available, with decorated pieces usually incorporating embroidered symbols in a contrasting color at either end of the piece. Cinctures range in price and style from very simple designs like the R. J. Toomey Company plain black cincture to fancier designs like the White Damascene cincture with contrasting scarlet piping. Our large selection ensures that you’ll find a cincture that meets your style and your budget. When ordering, be sure to select the size that best matches the intended wearer for the best fit. When the time comes to order a new cincture, trust Matthew F. Sheehan for the finest selection and affordable prices. We have been in business since 1907 and take pride in being a premier provider of religious goods for faithful customers throughout the world. Order now and enjoy free shipping on qualifying orders of $100 or more.